Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And so we move on

After 3.5 years of nursing, my son weaned over the holidays. He's been slowly going that way for a while, only nursing once every couple of days for the past few months. Then at some point after the craziness of the holidays, I realized that it had been three weeks since he had nursed.

I had thought I would feel more muddled about things. I know so many women who were happy but sad and kinda confused about being happy and sad when they were finished nursing their last. But while I feel a slight bit of melancholy about it, on the whole I'm pretty good with it. It's been 6 years since the last time my body was my own, no baby inside or outside dependent upon it. I always enjoy going into the next stage of things, and I'm looking forward to seeing where we go now.

He's asked a couple of times since then, but it's half-hearted at best, and when I say no he's easily distracted. I didn't have the chance to really analyze things when I weaned Liz; it happened quickly with her because I was so tired and so pregnant, and I just couldn't anymore. But with Connor, I've been able to savor each step in the journey and to know that we made the journey together, rather than the needs or wants of one dominating the other. I'm happy with the way it ended.