Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is a Conservative Granola Mommy?

I first heard the word "crunchy" used to describe moms who practice attachment parenting when I was at a River City Slingers meeting. This amazing group of sling-wearing mamas was meeting in Decatur, AL, to encourage each other and share the latest in baby slings, cloth diapers, and other attachment parenting tools. That day I discovered that I was a crunchy mom. My oldest was 18 and in college before I realized there was a name for moms like me!

So just what is it that makes a mom crunchy? I think it is an overarching mindset of putting her baby's best interests ahead of herself during this season of life. Attachment parenting as described by noted pediatrician Dr. William Sears is focused on meeting your baby's needs in order to help him learn trust from the earliest moments of his life. When you immediately feed your hungry baby, or pick up your crying baby, or soothe your fussy baby, you are teaching him that his attempts at communication work. Typical crunchy mom behaviors may include extended breastfeeding (nursing past the first birthday), co-sleeping and/or parenting your baby to sleep, and baby wearing. Other crunchy behaviors may include making your own baby food, growing your own food or buying organically grown food, cloth diapering, choosing to selectively vaccinate (or not vaccinate), and home schooling. Not all crunchy moms do all of these things, but if your parenting includes two or three of the practices listed above, you can safely say you're crunchy!

The phrase "conservative granola" has been around for a couple of years. In 2007 a site by that name was established. Unfortunately, it appears that hasn't been much recent activity there. However, the phrase works well to describe mothers who practice attachment parenting principles based on a Biblical understanding of God's design for mothers and babies. A mother may be Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or espouse another religious view, but if she is parenting based on her God-given intuition, she is a Conservative Granola Mommy!

All parents are welcome here. I am unashamed in my Christian faith, and that will certainly be evident in some of my blogs. Nevertheless, any mother, regardless of her beliefs, who wants to learn more about parenting her baby intuitively will be able to glean some seeds of wisdom here. As the owner of A Nurturing Moment Maternity and Nursing Boutique, I would love to learn about any products that help you parent better. We welcome your comments and input and look forward to getting to know you!

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  1. Very Well said! I am a christian crunchy mommy myself and just posted recently on this very topic! I didn't know I was "crunchy" until just recently! I really enjoy reading your blog and glad to find more women out there that are like me!